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Worldwide Hello provides the highest quality written translations at cost-effective prices. 

We specialize in document translation services that provide a quantifiable competitive advantage in today's fast-paced global marketplace.  

Unmatched Customer Service:

Customers choose Worldwide Hello for our experience, responsiveness and efficiency. We will work closely with you to help you determine exactly what needs to be translated, the best way to approach the project, and the most efficient way to accomplish your goals.



Worldwide Hello was founded in 2000 by linguist Kirk Douglas Jackson.  After designing his own bachelor's degree in Spanish and French Professional Translation and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Kirk began his translation career at Mellon Bank N.A. under the direction of Josephine Thornton, former President of the American Translator’s Association. There he worked as a translator, interpreter and project manager in support of the bank’s activities as well as those of corporate customers.

Subsequently, Kirk worked as a Spanish, French and Arabic freelance translator and language consultant for clients in the U.S., Spain and France. Having traveled extensively, he also earned an MBA in International Business, and continued to translate in his specialty fields of Law, Business, Finance, and Technical translations.

With the goal of providing unmatched translation quality and customer service by utilizing his extensive experience in the banking and translation industries, Kirk established Worldwide Hello in 2000 in Ormond Beach, Florida. Worldwide Hello is strategically positioned to provide personalized attention while handling any volume of translation work.

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Our comprehensive translation services give you a crucial competitive advantage by seamlessly conveying your message in target languages. Customers rely on our expert translation and foreign language services as they expand sales, acquire resources and minimize competitive risk.  We also offer Desktop Publishing services for translations in any format!

Expert Translation Services

  Our translations include but are not limited to:


Operating Manuals
  Laws and Regulations
  Contracts and Leases
  Bidding Specifications
  Financial Statements
  Medical Records
  Scientific Studies
  Immigration  Documentation
  Advertising Copy
  Software Localization 

Translation Solutions for Legal Professionals

Worldwide Hello works closely with law firms across the U.S. to provide the highest quality translations at competitive prices. Our team of legal translators is made up of duly qualified experts in fields such as finance, banking, immigration, and intellectual property, and all work is held in strict confidence.


Desktop Publishing Services

If you are translating a manual or brochure that is created in an advanced formatting program such as Adobe InDesign®, our desktop publishers make sure that your translations look just as good as your original documents!


Notable Projects

June 2017. Rush Project. Language Access Disclaimers in 18 Languages.

Worldwide Hello completes rush translations in 18 languages for health insurance provider compliance with regulatory mandates. Federal laws particularly applicable to language access include Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Title VI regulations, prohibiting discrimination based on national origin, and Executive Order 13166 issued in 2000. Many individual federal programs, states, and localities also have provisions requiring language services for limited English proficient individuals.


(Amusing) Language-Related Video CLIP

I Love Lucy – Paris at Last 

Lucy, Ethel and Fred go on a sightseeing tour, where Lucy wanders off and tries to order lunch at a French cafe. She unintentionally orders snails  and moments later is arrested for paying with counterfeit money.  At the police station, one of the funniest moments appears, as neither Lucy or Desi speak French – but an inebriated man at the station speaks Spanish and German, and one of the police officers speaks German – so Lucy speaks English to Ricky, who translates it to Spanish to the inebriated man, who translates it to German to the police officer, who translates it into French for the police captain – and the words go back and forth up and down the line, ending with Lucy paying her bill without counterfeit money



The Answers You Need


Q.  Why should I hire a professional translator?

Because translation mistakes can be costly and embarrassing. Getting a translation wrong can cost money, ruin your image—even cause accidents. So whether you’re translating a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, an employee safety manual, or internal policies, it pays to hire qualified translators to get the job done right the first time.

Q.  How do you charge for translations?

Translations are billed on a per-word basis. The cost for a translation is calculated based on the word count of the source document to be translated, unless it is a hard copy, in which case either the final word count is used or the words are counted manually. The per-word rate varies according to the language, degree of difficulty of the subject-matter, and the time-frame. Other services such as Desktop Publishing are billed on an hourly basis. 

Q.  Which version of Chinese do I need?

Chinese is spoken in several different dialects—Mandarin and Cantonese being the major dialects—and it can be written using either Simplified or  Traditional characters. We will help you determine exactly what you need based on your target audience. As a general rule, the writing systems/dialects in major Chinese speaking countries are as follows:

China: Simplified writing / Mandarin or Cantonese dialect

Hong Kong: Traditional writing / Cantonese dialect

Macau: Traditional Writing / Cantonese dialect

Taiwan: Traditional writing / Mandarin dialect

Singapore: Simplified writing / Mandarin dialect

Malaysia: Traditional writing / Mandarin dialect

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